Saturday, February 20, 2010

Winter Longline Session

I spent already one week in Poland since I am back from the "US Highline Trip". Finally I decided to do something ... The weather in Poland is not perfect but it was way colder when I was in US. I'm really happy that I skipped the biggest frosts hear and didn't have real winter this year. Yesterday I went to longline. The ground was cover by deep snow. Together with Wojtek we set up 104 meters line. I used my new equipment and I'm really excited - SMC pulleys ("NFPA Prusik Minding Pulley-DBL") and rigging plate are working perfect! Beefy spansets are also nice thing to have (I got them from "Western Rigging Products, Inc." in San Francisco). My friend made some video footage with his camera. I think so the final product should be interesting. Wojtek just started with making and editing movies but his experienced photographer. You can find really nice photos on his website - "vacaspurpuras" , or check out his last (first production) movie from bouldering:

"A day without friction"

It was really good session. I want to longline more and more - it's such a good feeling. The only problem is that I need something longer than my 130m piece of webbing to get better. I can always experiment with tension and make my line not so tight but it'll be nice to walk something really long.
I made 4 laps without falling and some tricks for Wojtek's movie (surfing on +100m line is fuckin' hard!). I had great time and probably will repeat it on Sunday (maybe something longer).
You can find photo of my longline rigging down below (photos by Wojtek Kozakiewicz):

More photos

List of the gear used for this line:

- 2 x double SMC "NFPA Prusik Minding Pulley-DBL",
- SMC rigging plate,
- spansets from "Western Rigging Products, Inc.",
- 2 x shackle 3 1/4 WLL from "Slackstar",
- 2 x 65kN binner from "Omega",
- ID,
- one double "Gemini" pulley from Petzl and one simple CT pulley for multiplayer (+ 2 non-locking binners and Tibloc from Petzl),
- 2 x slackline-banana from Kwjet + adjustable slings "Missing Link" from SBI,
- 100m piece of "White Magic" from,
- 60m static rope (diameter 11mm)
* rubber tree-protection from

In the nearest future I'll start posting some articles from 'US Highline Trip'. Right now I'm trying to organize some stuff, earn money and hopefully go to Meteora together with Faith :)

Peace & SlackOn!

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