Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Santa Monica Beach Trickline Sesh (L.A.)

After a couple days of blissful rest (abundant, healthy meals and sleeping about 12 hours everyday), we finally moved our lazy asses to do some slacklining.

Faith was cooking some delicious food for us ... :)

Korny spent his rest days on a couch recovering from a stomach-flu and some infection

The first slackline outting we went to the Santa Monica Beach, which is an old-school meeting place for slackliners from L.A. They meet there every Sunday (as one of them told me). This last Sunday we met couple of local slackliners. On of them was an older guy named Larry. I can say he was really good on his slackline for his age (1 and 5/8 inch single tubular webbings). In total I saw three slackliners with their own equipment (mainly it was primitive systems, aka binners + tubular webbing).
We had really nice time slacklining and talking to the other slackliners. I especially remember one of them - a guy asked if we knew Slackline Brothers Inc. He was quite surprised when he heard that while in L.A. we were staying in the SBI owners house.
We set up two parallel lines (one with tubular 1 inch prototype Gibbon line and one tubular threaded from Free-Feet) in the same spot you can see in Harlan and Aron's movie from 2007:

Our two tricklines on Santa Monica beach - in the air (from left) Damian and myself

We spent almost all day on the webbing. We can feel the effects to day: sore back, leg muscles and a strange feeling in our knees and ankles. I think it is because during our rest days we hardly moved at all. Everyone pushed their personal trickline limits further. With some help from me, Faith finally tried a "Korean-Butt-Bounce". I think she is really close to sticking it and soon she will land it without any help.

Faith surfin' the line

Jordan landed a back-flip again, not once but twice! Many tries he was very close to landing it, and almost every time he at least hit the webbing with his feet. 'Mozobosei' improved his surfing as well.

Jordan 'Mozobosei' sticking the back-flip

Damian and Jordan almost stuck the trick called "Back-Bounce". I thought it was hard but when Itried it, it seemed doable.

Damian doing a "Double-Drop-Knee"

From what I observed Korny concentrated on practising surfing and jumping. Both were looking better at the end of the session.
Everyone of us had a lot of fun, and after a long break it felt nice to trickline again. It was funny what one of locals said to us about the temperature; he said it was the coldest period in L.A. all year. For us, it was the first warm day in a long time. If this is the coldest time here, I want to live in L.A.! I invented some new simple tricks, combos and almost stuck the "Tree-Plant". Right now I feel new motivation for more trickline sessions.

Michał "Korny" getting some air

"Tree-Plant" in progress

You can find more pictures in my photo-gallery - all photos by Jordan Tybon (link below):

"Santa Monica beach TS" photo-gallery

More informations about our trip - link below:


BTW I'll try to write about everything what happened before L.A. as soon as I can ... (a lot of work to do again)

Peace & SlackOn!