Wednesday, January 27, 2010

US Highline Trip - short summary

It's difficult to write about everything which has happened after almost three months of highlining and slacklining in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Yosemite (CA), Moab (UT), Terry's place (CO), and Joshua Tree (CA). For sure there is a lot of backlog, so after returning to Poland I'll have something to do. I can say that everyone of us has become a better highliner, and personally I have already walked 20 highlines, and still have 2 weeks left, so hopefully I'll rig and walk the 65m long "Big Boy" Highline in Joshua Tree + some new lines here. I'm really happy about it. Last year I walked 40 new highlines, and on this trip I walked half of this amount in 3 months. After J. Tree all of us are leaving to L.A. and then to San Luis Obispo to meet with Jerry Miszewski, rig an 80m long highline and probably walk some of the local 'classic-lines'.

Down below list of highline which I already walked:


San Francisco:
- Nov 13: "Mt. Tam" Highline (39m length, about 10m height), [OS & FM] + walk in a swami FM,

Yosemite National Park:
- Nov 17: "L.A.S. Classic" Highline (17m length, 880m height), walk in a swami on a 1st try (I walked this line in 2007 OS & FM),
- Nov 19: "L.A.S. Long" Highline (33m length, 880m height), [OS & FM],
- Nov 21: "Black & White" Highline (45m length, 15m height), [OS & FM] - it was a tree-highline in Sequoia Forest in Yosemite, after that got also free-solo FM ascent,

- Nov 22: "The Chillum" Highline (19m length, about 20m height), [OS & FM in a swami] + couple days later free-solo ascent one-way,
- Nov 22: "The Spliff" Highline (23m length, about 25m height), [OS & FM in a swami],
- Nov 24: "The Bub" Highline (31m length, about 30m height), [OS & FM in a swami],
- Nov 24: "The Trundler" Highline (12m length, about 30m height?), [OS & FM in a swami] + free-solo FM ascent,
- Nov 26: "The Great Bongzilla" Highline (54m length, about 60m height), [FM],
- Nov 27: "Fuzzy Peach" Highline (19m length, 60m height), [OS & FM in a swami],
- Nov 27: "Wet Beaver" Highline (28m length, 50m height), [OS & FM in a swami],
- Nov 28: "Double Trouble Madness" Highline FA (45m length, 50m height), [FM] + one-way in a swami,
- Dec 03: "Terry's Backyard" Highline, [OS & FM in a belt-swami],

Joshua Tree National Park:
- Dec 21: "Chongo Gap" Highline (7.6m length, 25m height), [OS & FM in a belt-swami] + free-solo ascent,
- Dec 24: "The 60ft. Cave Corridor" Highline (18m length, 20m height), [OS & FM in a swami] + walk in a belt-swami,
- Dec 25: "The 90ft. Cave Corridor" Highline (27m length, 30m height), [OS & FM] + FM walk in a swami,

- Jan 08: "EBGB" Highline (50m length, about 30m height), [FM],
- Jan 14: "Mahavatar's Gap" Highline (12m length, about 10m height), [OS & FM in a belt-swami] + free-solo FM ascent,
- Jan 23: "Hall of Horrors" Highline (25m length, 30m height) [OS & FM] + FM ascent in a swami-belt,
- Jan 25: "Astro Domes" Highline (42m length, 40m height --> exposure about 70-100m :D), [OS & one-way]

I want to say thank you to everyone from our "Highline Crew", everyone who helped us and of course sponsors who are helping us in some way:
Grolsh, Slackline Brothers Inc., Balance Community, Petzl, SLACKSPIRIT.PL, Gibbon, Slackline-Tools , SlackLIVE and Free-Walker.

Soon, more to come!

Peace & SlackOn!