Wednesday, February 24, 2010

V is for "V-Shape Extended" Highline

A couple days ago together with Wojtek we set up new highline on V-construction (which actually is holding the gas main) in Wrocław. We met at 12 o'clock and then the highline-crime begun. We were a tiny bit stressed at the beginning. As soon as we realized people down below even didn't see us (or just don't give a fuck) we started rigging our line. I used only one piece of "Type-18" webbing clipped to the slackline-bananas and spansets (main anchors). I padded with carpet every surface where the webbing or spansets were touching the structure. Soon the highline was ready and Wojtek could start shooting his footage. I walked 25m long highline 6 times (full-man) (it's about 30 meters above the ground). Still I was quite scared. It was weird feeling, unusual kind of fear. Focusing on this thin blue beam at the end was really difficult. In my opinion this highline has totally different kind of exposure.

Anyway it was fun for sure! I think it's really good place for mental training and I'll come back soon. Next time - longer highline or just walking steel cable on the top connecting structure 'arms' (have to think about some new leash for it, or like Damian said - "just do not fall" - it's so simple :P).

Wojtek decided to name this movie "V". Down below you can find some frames:

Karol showed up too and took some pictures of setting up and "behind the scenes".

photo by Karol Osowiecki

You can find all of them here:

Photo gallery 1
Photo gallery 2

We were done at 4 o'clock. We didn't get any troubles from anyone. I rigged down, took all the equipment and went back to my home.

You can find all updates about new movie on Wojtek's blog

Today I went for some longline session. The day was sunny and almost all snow was gone (fuck yeah, common spring!). I set up alone 139 meters line - it was really hard work, even with nice gear. I walked it 3 times (FM) and it was already almost dark. Usually I posted all info on the forum but only Karol visited me in a park. We set up trickline too. It was good day.

All photos from longline session by Karol Osowiecki

I'm looking forward for the trip to Meteora - hopefully Faith and I will get some sponsorship. It will not only great highline time. I'm happy to meet my friends again, especially Jordan, Bernhard and Marty. After US Highline Trip I feel motivated to do more projects - go longer, higher ... next level - where is it?

photo by Bernhard Witz

Peace & SlackOn!

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