Tuesday, February 23, 2010

"White Noise"

The movie from first longline session is ready. Wojtek called it "White Noise". After watching the video it's easy to figure out why he chose this name. I already saw final footage and really liked it. Right now Wojtek is waiting for permission to use one song in the soundtrack. I think we will co-operate on some slackline projects together.

Official premiere on vimeo in a few days ...

I went again for the winter longline session. I set up the same line and walked on it a bit more than 1km (10 times/5 full-man laps) without any falls. It was sunny day, but felt colder then the last time. I used the same method - during brakes warming up with down jacket and hot tea from my vacuum flask. Next time I have to bring sunglasses (it's hard to focus during sunny day, walking above the snow) more tea because my new goal is to walk the line 10 times full-man (4 times/2 laps full-man in one run without sitting down). My plan for the future is to find out the best training for longlines and highlines. Probably the solution is simple - just do this things systematically, but I just like to have some kind of plan. Soon I should get 270m piece of webbing from Landcruising and hopefully start long-term partnership with this great company.

Talking about slackline projects - tomorrow I'll set up an urban highline on the "Y-construction" in my city. Together with Jordan Tybon we set up one highline ("V-Shaped" Highline) on this structure (2009).

photo by Jordan Tybon

More photos

Tomorrow I'll set up longer highline, and Wojtek will try to do some sick footage from some different angles (also from above the highline, hanging on the steel cable on the top). Hopefully the weather will be good enough, we'll have fun ... without any police (he, he).

Checked out Wojtek's blog

Peace & SlackOn!

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