Saturday, April 12, 2014

Co-operation with SZTUKA ŻYWIENIA

I've always liked cooking and eating. In my mind these are such a obviousness it is almost weird to state that. I don't think that everyone likes cooking but we can probably agree that everyone likes to consume foods. I remember when I was a kid I used to eat any amounts of whatever and definitely didn't pay attention to my diet. Later in my life I decided to study biology because in high school that was one of my favorite subjects. After one and a half semester I realized I am not really interested in botanic, mycology, life cycle of tapeworm and such ... Due to my long interest in sports as well as my both passions - climbing and slacklining, I decided it might be better to focus on topics connected with it.

Back in a days (photo-credit Michał 'MihÓ' Jędrzejewski)
The trip which started it all ;) ...

I did study at the Sport and Physical Education University but then my life took unexpected turn. I got a chance to do a big sponsored slackline trip with friends and I took it. Since that moment I spent 4 years traveling, highlining, slacklining and living life of professional athlete, which in the sport of slacklining is almost equal to being a dirtbag.

E.g. 1: My best bud Jordan and professional haircut - total dirtbag ...
E.g. 2: Dirtbag kitchen/diet ;)

I was obsessed with slacklining and didn't spend as much time climbing and doing other things, as I would like to. I tried to expend my knowledge of human physiology, anatomy as well as training and nutrition methods and apply them to my life. I never had enough time to focus on training and put these ideas in real use.

Back in 2008 when I climbed and slacklined more equally. Here climbing my first 7c "Madre Salvaje" in Desplomilandia (Spain) (photo by Jordan Tybon)

Nowadays, my philosophy on life as well as slacklife changed quite a bit. I would like to connect my two passions and use them for challenging alpine projects, progress and get stronger in both disciplines and maybe even find some time for some other things I always wanted to try.

This by itself is quite a challenge with which I struggled during last few years. It is really demanding dream, which requires some quite strict tactics to stay positive and successful. I made up my mind and decide it will be better to focus on training and when I live for a trip I should have a certain goal, schedule and be totally ready in my body and my mind to use my power and time most efficiently. When I am back home that's time to work, progress on different grounds a train some more.

I used word 'train' in last sentences quite a lot but that's what it comes to both with slacklining and climbing. If you connect this two it can be and most likely will be harsh on your body. That is why I started looking ever more into training methods, came up with some ideas to train for my highline goals and decided I need some help with my nutrition. I believe nutrition and proper training are the keystones for my further progress.

Because of my daily responsibilities, training and lack of time I felt like I wouldn't be able to come up with well-balanced training-nutrition program. Then I found out about "SZTUKA ŻYWIENIA". This team is formed by a friendly couple of professional trainers and nutritionists. They climb by them self and are more then qualified in a field of sports, coaching and nutrition. I reached out to founder of the company Marcin Bończa-Tomaszewski and after a few months of co-operation became a sponsored athlete which I am really proud of.

SZTUKA ŻYWIENIA promotes healthy way of living and program which is adapted to your needs. I was shocked by the effects on my life. My habits changed completely as well as the way of thinking about it as a diet. It doesn't feel like a restriction. I chose to eat certain way to improve my performance, supercompensation, regeneration and frame of mind. Marcin put up with all of the challenges I created for him. As you know already I had a serious accident and I am still struggling with my recovery. As soon as I could barely walk and got a green light from a doctor I wanted to train as much as I could. By adequate training program, well balanced nutrition and well selected supplements I was able to achieve that.

I like the the co-operation methods. I work one on one with Marcin. I can ask all of my questions and I get the guidelines and files to learn how to properly put together my training and meals. I introduce one new habit every two weeks which helps me to master it without compromising others already in use. I found that really effective. I always wanted everything right away. I believe that is one of the main mistakes people do. It is much better to improve the same way as you do on a line; step by step.

I will try to share more knowledge from that field in the next posts. I am also really happy that Marcin supported and helped me with stopping eating meat. When I was younger I did stop eating meat completely for a few year but didn't realize how to replace it, what are the risks and that is a huge challenge. I achieved this goal gradually over last couple months and it has been smooth shift. I am happy to be vegetarian. It was a personal decision dictated by ethical reasons.

The supplementation and eating habits makes me feel good, my body regenerates really well and I can't wait to be done with my post accident recovery. Trying to stay humble and patient which is much easier with a help from SZTUKA ŻYWIENIA as well as my mental-coach Dominika Zapotoczna (check Dominika's project Extreme Mind Game).

My life is different and definitely better. Even when I am down I am happier then I was before. I don't want to get into details now but as a sneak peek here is what's new:

- I am keeping habits and training logbook which helps me to monitor my progress and health (that includes measurements and pictures),
- Have to do some bigger tests from time to time (like a big physical test, complex blood tests to monitor my health),
- In every meal I am eating a portion of fats, double serving of source of protein and veggies,
- I eat most of my carbohydrates during training days,
- I take my supplements everyday,
- Everyday I am trying new recipe or variation of some meal I already know,
- Every single day drinking at least 2 liters of water,
- I keep up with my training and rehabilitation.

I am hoping that was somehow interesting. I will try to share more practical info about training, recipes, nutrition knowledge useful for slacklining and climbing purposes as well as some ideas for slackline training I've been developing. Can't wait to put them to use.

Big thanks to SZTUKA ŻYWIENIA and all of my friends and followers for a great support!

Peace & SlackOn!


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