Saturday, October 20, 2012

Master of Universe

During amazing long weekend in Ostrov I had a chance to rig and try my best on the "Master of Universe" Highline. It is 96.5m long and around 40m up high. This line means a lot to me and has some quite story behind it ... (to find out more read whole post 'Ostrov Updates')

Jakub Hanuš aka Kwjet Oslaf on the "Master of Universe" Highline in 2010 (photo by Jordan Tybon)
"Master of Universe" was first rigged 2 years ago by Jerry and SWEL Team. At the time Jerry was the only person to send it (OW). In August of 2010 the line was also longest highline on the world (exact 'sendage' date: 27th of August 2010). It was inspiring time and everyone had a good try. Kwjet got to the middle of the line and after crazy fight took a huge whipper. It was amazing to watch Jerry sending this monster!

To get more info go to:
- really interesting and well written POST by Jerry Miszewski,
- full GALERY from the trip to Ostrov in August 2010.

Soon after this the highline history was rewritten again by Andy Lewis who crushed the first 100m highline. The line sent by Andy on 10th of September 2012 - 'Afrodysiac' Highline was 103.5m long and 110m high set up in amazing spot of 'Fruitbowl' in Moab, UT/USA.

This year "Master of Universe" was crushed again! Faith Dickey (USA) established on it new female world record (to read more go HERE) and Danny Menšík (CZ) send the line OS-FM which I believe is the best send in this style on the world till date and I got my new personal highline send and established new polish highline record! It was amazing to watch both Faith and Danny on this line.

Faith put up some amazing fight and sent the line almost both ways. It was heartbreaking to see her fall during FM attempt 1/3rd before the anchor.

Faith fighting the 'Master' (photo by Jordan Tybon)
Somewhere in a middle of the line (photo by Jordan Tybon)
Danny was just amazing. It seemed like the line was piece of cake for him. He had maybe like 2-3 moments each direction when he had to stop and correct the movement of the line. The rest was just pure cruising.

Danny after sending "Master of Universe" Highline (photo by Jean Geoffrion)
I never forgot that 2 years ago I promised myself one day I'm going to send this line too. I just didn't think it's going to happen during trip, but after watching these amazing sends I was super psyched to try and give it my best. After few attempts I managed to send the line AF (with 5 falls). I was really happy about it and this experience opened my eyes. I didn't expect I can send the line or stand back up after the fall in the middle of the line. After getting to the anchor I realized that I just pushed myself further and while doing that I had SO much fun ...

Somewhere in a middle of the line ... (photo by Faith Dickey)
While riding back the line on the 'glider' it hit me how long it actually is ... I was totally sucked out of any energy after this attempt and bunch of free-solo sends on the shorter lines before that. I decided to take a rest and try the next day.

At the morning I felt pretty fresh but the weather was super windy. The friend of mine Petr "Peeto" Kučera was already on the line. He arrived super early coming from Prague trying to send the line before having to head back to his uni. Peeto is really good highliner and watching him falling in a middle and struggling with the wind cooled down a bit my enthusiasm. I decided to warm up by free-soloing 'Czexas' Highline. Five FS full-man walks in a strong wind made me feel pretty confident again , so I packed my stuff and went to the 'Master'.

The wind was raging. I don't even know how many times I tried (must be something around 20 or so) and I had two really good tries when I felt totally solid on the line. In both attempts I got to 1/3 or a bit further and the wind got crazy again. The line was going from straight to 'U-shape' and then to the 'shaking mode'. I knew I'm able to send but I was too tired and too cold ...

Kind of pissed at my self I decided to head down to the pub, say goodbye to the french filming crew, Jordan and his girlfriend and then go back to de-rig the line with Faith. Sitting at the pub I was looking up on the 'Master' and I noticed the line is not moving anymore. The seed of hope was sown ...

When Faith and I got to the anchor it was already 7pm. Faith convinced me to try one more time and I decided to go. Without any expectations I got on the line and stood up. First meters were pretty shaky but then it got much better. Then I realized I am in a middle of the line. I thought "there is no way I am going to fall now! If you fall, I am going to hit myself in a face!". The transition on the 2/3 was hard but last 10 meters I was really fighting for my send. Last few nervous steps and I was standing on the anchor. My legs were shaky, I couldn't believe what just happened. I have to admit I shed few tears. I had no power left for the FM walk and it was already getting dark. We de-riged the line in the dark, and hiked down to the pub.

Just before sending time ...
Shaky beginning (photo by Faith Dickey)
Find me on the line, I am near the end (photo by Faith Dickey)

It is still kind of weird to me to think about it and realize I walked this line. I am super motivated to try more big lines and get better in it. I want to continue longlining and free-solo highlining but that 'long-time focus' big highlines acquire got my hooked. I want more!

Peace & SlackOn!

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