Friday, October 19, 2012

Crackhead Colosseum

A while ago Jordan and I had a small highline training mission. Because I'm currently working in Berlin doing some rope access work we have enough time to hang out and slack from time to time. On Sunday we went together to set up amazing urban line called "Crackhead Colosseum" at undisclosed location in Berlin ;)

After 10km bike ride we arrived at the spot. The place is truly amazing. It's an old train repair station next to the S-Bahn station. Lots of broken glass and weird items under the line. We had a great day, met up with Ingo and seshed the line to the max. For the highlights of this day go to the movie down below and take a look on few pictures from Ingo :)

'Ankle-leashing' (photo by Ingo Thomas)
Jordan floating in the air ... (photo by Ingo Thomas)
Cowboy Jordan riding the line like a pro ;) (photo by Ingo Thomas)
Somewhere in da space (photo by Ingo Thomas)
Jordan sending in a swami-belt (photo by Ingo Thomas)
Freesoloco! Ajajaj! (photo by Ingo Thomas)
Slackline Gangstaz fo life! Who's your rigga'?! ;)
Squirrel grab after korean butt bounce combo (photo by Ingo Thomas)
If you want to see really nice pictures from the 1st ascent of this line go to the POST on S.W.E.L. Team blog.

Peace & SlackOn!

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