Friday, March 19, 2010

Through US on the webbing

So on 14th of March 2010 Faith, Jordan and I had presentation about slacklining and highline on the travelling and climbing festival "Kolosy 2010" (eng. "Colossus 2010" - basically about our 3 months highline & climbing trip in US. I was quite surprised when finally the room was filled to the last seat. It was really nice for us that so many people was interested on our presentation.
It was long journey by trains straight from Prague in Czech Republic.

On the way - salami and bread for 3 days straight ... dirtbag life for ever

Polish trains - Securing the door, making sure our threesome wasn't disturbed ... ;)

Day before our presentation I got really sick after trickline session. Anyway it was worth it. We set up short line using Type-18 webbing and SBI pulleys. It was kind of scarry to pull some tricks above the concrete floor (like chest-bounce etc.)

The outside of the presentation hall

Yeah! Got it one time for a short period of time :)

Faith doing 'not so easy' static trick :)

Rest ...

We didn't have enough time to talk about everything, so I describe a bit some photos during slide-show and talked couple funny stories from Yosemite and J. Tree.

Presentation poster: ""Through US on the webbing", Jan Galek's lecture (about) Slackline and Highline, special guests: Jordan Tybon and Faith Dickey, 10.30 on Saturday, seminar hall". On the picture Faith Dickey walking "60ft. Cave Corridor" Highline in a swami and Jerry Miszewski sending "Big Boy" Highline

We used slide show (by Ruthie Taylor and Jordan Tybon) and movie trailer "Epic Trip" (by Damian Czermak) - you can find them down below:

"Epic Trip Trailer 1" by Damian Czermak

"Grolsch Expedition US Highline Tour" by Ruthie Taylor and Jordan Tybon

After presentation many people said to me it was great and ask me more questions about slacklining and highlining.
We came back to Wrocław during the night. We travelled by small bus with all "GÓRY" magazine crew first(it was really fun).

Jordan eating 'polish burger' on the way back ... What happened to his face ;) ?

They took us to Katowice and then after 3 hours in a train we got finally to Wrocław. Everyone of us was totally exhausted but the same time, really happy! Faith and I went to sleep and rest and Jordan hitch-hiked to Berlin the same day (RESPECT o_O!).

It's hard to live the 'SlackLife' ...

Thanks to everyone who helped us a lot! Especially to Piotrek and Marek from "GÓRY" climbing magazine, the ride to Katowice, to the company Campus which sponsored our presentation and all people which came to watch our photos and movie!

BTW Down below you can read the third part of "US Highline Trip" article in "GÓRY" climbing magazine (GÓRY Nr 3 (190) Marzec 2010, "US Highline Trip - część 3" (p. 74-75) (click to enlarge the photo):

Peace & SlackOn!

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