Sunday, March 21, 2010

Highline trip to Meteora 2010

In a few days Faith, Jordan and I are leaving to Meteora in Greece for 3-4 weeks of highlining and climbing. Before that we have to hitch-hike about 1800-2000km with all the heavy gear in our backpacks. It will be 'interesting' adventure. Our journey has small delay, but in 2-3 days we should be on the way. Today we'll prepare, split and pack all our gear.

Gear <3 ... (not all we have to take)

I played a bit with my slackline gear (of course). I bought some nice 6T stainles-steel shackles from Kwjet not so long time ago. Right now I have my perfect longline-system

Soon, more serious slacklife and dirtbagging with my love and friends :)

Peace & SlackOn!

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