Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Posts to come (MORE BACKLOG)

I wrote a couple of posts yet, but there's still a lot to do. So before I write about the present I want to deal with some action from the past. I think that it will be a lot of writing because I was slacklining and travelling a lot this summer ... So down below is a list of things I should write about, and it's a bit like a chronology of my last summer time ...

1. "Walk the Line 3" - slackline festival in Radolfzell,
2. Working as slackline presenter on the outdoor fair in Friedrischafen
3. Climbing in Chamonix together with Faith and Tomek,
4. Hitch-hiking back to Poland,
5. Urban Highline Festival in Lublin,
6. Tree-Highlines in Kraśnik,
7. "Wide Space" Highline
8. Next trip to Berlin,
9. Longlining in Wrocław (new polish longline record, and women longline record),
10. Presentation about slackline in Lądek Zdrój,
11. Highlining in Hejszowina together with Damian and Faith,
12. Urban Highlines in Warsaw

It's a lot of work to do ...

BTW Some news about the present and near future. Right now I'm training before the trip to the US. Together with Damian Czermak, Michał Korniewicz and hopefully Faith Dickey I'm going to do some rad highlining and climbing in Yosemite Valley, JTree, Moab and maybe some rocks in Texas. The weather is shitty right here in Wrocław, so probably I'll train more in a climbing gym then on a longlines and highlines, but I think it'll be good to come back to tough climbing training on the "Nora" and "Eiger" climbing walls. I hope the weather will be better and then we can climb in the rocks, longline and highline again before the trip.
Yesterday Faith and I went for some longlining in a new spot in my city. I tested a new pulley system, and set up a 100m longline alone without a big problem.

New pulley system ... (more pictures)

Walking this line was really difficult and I fell near the second anchor, Faith made it on her 2nd try. Anyway it was good to walk some longline after such a long time without slacklining, also checking new gear possibilities :) ...

Looking forward to the future ...
Peace & SlackOn to everyone!

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