Monday, October 26, 2009

Autumn Longline Session

On 8th of October together with Faith and Korny we set up 100 meters longline on a new spot - in Park Szczytnicki.

Location of the new longline

After many rainy days that was the first time when sun came out and it was warm, not too windy ... Perfect conditions for a longline session. We tensioned the webbing with 4 double pulleys + ID and simple multiplayer. It was strange how easy it was to tension.

Tensioning the line ...

Maybe this length of webbing was not so special for Faith and I, but Korny had been trying to walk this distance for a long time. That day he walked it OS both ways. It was his first send of 100 meters. He looked really stable on the line and I have to admit it was quite impressive. I was really happy that he finally got what he wanted. Michał "Korny" Korniewicz is the third person in Poland who walked a slackline at least 100 meters long - CONGRATS buddy!

"Korny" on the longline

I could see that something switched in his mind or the way he moved (or both). It's hard to explain, but you could see the difference!
Korny left after he completed his ascent. Faith and I stayed there a bit longer, playing on the 100m longline. We did a couple of chongo-starts from the middle, double-drop knees, walk the line without using your hands etc.

Gear ... <3

Faith :)

At the end of the session we loosened the line totally (as much as we could) and walked it both ways. It was totally fun! I could see it was right decision to go for longlining. The weather from that time in Poland is still the same all the time - rain, wind, cold ... I want to go to US right now ...

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