Sunday, May 25, 2014

Todra - NEW highline TOPO

So I've been working on this for a while. Here you go - new highline guidebook. This time it is "Gorges du Todra" - beautiful highline area opened in Morocco by Somewhereelseland Team Members back in 2012. I can recommend these lines to anyone who likes highlining. This place is amazing and offers interesting culture, food, beautiful rocks, exciting climbing and more. Besides, it is really affordable. I will be also preparing late report from that trip soon, so stay updated. Enjoy the new guidebook and few cool shots from Jordan Tybon as well as the "High Over Todra" movie trailer. Take a look on a sidebar to find more highline guidebooks. There will be more to come including Meteora in Greece, Ostrov in Czech Republic, Sokoliki and Hejszowina in Poland and more ... :)

Hiking through the Gorge 
Kwjet on the first highline in Morocco - "Berber Gold" 
Local taste ...
Faith Dickey on the "Too Much Couscous in the Head" high above the Gorge

Peace & SlackOn!

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