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2010 Trickline Summary

The current year 2010 is slowly coming to the end. I spent most of it pushing my longline and highline limits. I am really happy with what I achieved and amazed how highline and longline were pushed to the next level by the others in the sport. I was part of some of this but it’s a topic for a separate entry.
Of course I want to focus on tricklining in this "article". I never was a really good trickliner and I do not think I will ever be the best. However, this year I joined Gibbon International crew which really motivated and inspired me to improve my tricklining skills. Being the Gibbon Rider wasn't easy at the beginning. I am more highliner & longliner. Although from a time perspective I think it was good for me because Gibbon is not only a trickline community. I saw tricklining on the highest level, performed live by amazing athletes. It would be hard to name all of them. Some of these guys are also accomplished all-round slackliners.
Being good in all kinds of slacklining became a personal goal for me, so I started tricklining more, and taking part in a trickline competitions. I met many nice people from around the globe because of that reason. I got inspired by all of them and want to thank to the Gibbon Family and other slackliners like Lukas Irmler, Reinhard Kleindl and Slack.FR Crew. I have also learned that you can assimilate nice moves from EVERY slackliner. It doesn’t matter if she or he is slacklining 1 year or 1 month – everyone has an individual and unique style.

Tricklining in Sokoliki Mountains during "Slackline Masters 2006" meeting/competition

The tricklining goals for me are: doing at least one new move during each session and practising on various lines. It should not make a difference if it is 2”, 1” or 3cm wide line. Of course I like some webbing for particular tricks. After this year my favourites are: JIBLINE tensioned with pulleys system at full length (I will post some pictures soon of how to attach 2" line to the pulleys system), SURFLINE tensioned really tight (great for BIG tricks) and old-school but still young, perfect all-rounder: 1” threaded tubular.

Trickline Contest (Slackfest 2009, Chemnitz) 1" threaded tubular from SBI (photo

During this summer I started tricklining more together with the Gibbon Crew. I went to Stuttgart few times where I did some tricklining in a parks and inside a gym with big foam-pit inside. Slacklining above the foam gave me the possibility to try totally new moves and tricks I was scared of. It felt totally safe to me but missing some tricks gave me a painful lesson. I got some NICE bruises because I fell really deep inside the pool before the foam stopped my movement. I had a lot of fun jumping on the trampoline. That was the first time I tried a backflip. It was pretty scary for me. A trampoline is great tool to try all crazy aerial tricks before you would try them on the slackline. I was really close to landing a backflip on the slackline many times. Before, there was never enough time or opportunity to warm up on a trampoline and then adapt the move on the slackline. After I will come back from my last highline trips I want to practice on the gym in Berlin. My buddy found a great gym we can use it for free. Maybe I’ll land some flips before the finals of the Gibbon World Cup ;) ...

Vibram Natural Games 2010

Highlining in Millau, "Bunny" Highline free-solo (photo by Jordan Tybon)

This big extreme sports festival in Millau was great opportunity to highline, and that was a main target for me. I walked 4 highlines and got my ass kicked on the 86 meters long beast-highline. I went there together with Faith, Jordan, Andy and Hayley, Mike and Robert driving from Stuttgart with the “Gibbon Van”. It was nice to not hitch-hike this one time. Besides highlining and presenting our slide-show on the big screen in front of a big crowd (thanks again to all the monkeys cheering us on) I took part in the trickline contest. The trickline competition was scheduled for the last day of the festival.

It was hard to talk in front of all these people ... (photo by Jordan Tybon)

In the first round I was competing against Reinhard Kleindl. Reinhard has really unique style. I really like his lemur-jumps with his hands in his pockets or double-turn 180 from the drop-knee.

Reiny in the air (photo by Jordan Tybon)

I had really perfect go and landed all the tricks and combos. It was pure fun in the brutal sun. After the contest I landed my first back-bounce!

(photo by Jordan Tybon)

In the second round I had to deal with competing against “Alpha” Mike. As usual Mike did some HUGE atomic butt-bounces and long perfectly done combos. I was astonished. It was really nice and Mike finally took the first place. Congrats buddy!

Watch out! Mike is coming! (photo by Jordan Tybon)

In the competition two 30mm wide lines from were used. One was a bit higher. I still think the higher one could have had more tension. Heavier guys were hitting the ground during some bigger tricks. As always it didn’t stop Andy from doing all the crazy shit. Lukas Irmler did really well and stuck all his technical tricks.

Andy scoring extra points for amazing tircklining face expression ;) (photo by Jordan Tybon)

Lukas Irmler in Action (photo by Jordan Tybon)

I finished in the 4th place. The contest was judged by Scott Balcom, Robert Keading and Freddy Zimmerman. Big thanks to all of them!


The final result of the comp:

(photo by Jordan Tybon)

1. Mike “Alpha” Payton
2. Lukas Irmler
3. Andy Lewis


Gibbon World Cup in Munich

Brenden Gebhart aka. Crazy-DUDE ;) ... warming up (photo by Jordan Tybon)

It was the first Gibbon competition I took part in this year. It took place in Munich. We had 16 people competing from all around the world and 4000 viewers! I was really tired and stressed. I was nervous because of the “one against one” formula. I don’t really like competing and it seemed to me like really competitive way. I was wrong, and soon I realized it is just fun and I was raging together with all riders. All of us were warming up for a long time. It was pretty hardcore warm-up; Mike and Carlos injured their ankles which sucked.

Injured ankle? AWESOME! ;) (photo by Jordan Tybon)

HARDliners from Chile! (photo by Jordan Tybon)

“Alpha” Mike was trying to stay optimistic but Carlos was really sad for a long time. Luckily his ankle got better soon after comp and he could jump around again.
In the first round I was competing against Bernd Hassmann. I knew he was the guy which won last year “King of Slackline” contest and he’s a good trickliner. I ignored my doubts and just did my best. It was big surprise when I got to the other round!

(photo by Jordan Tybon)

Unfortunately I had to compete against Bernd twice. He won the extra battle which gave him entrance to the next round (Carlos was injured and jury needed someone to make the amount of contestants even). Even though I showed few new tricks Bernd did some amazing butt-bounce combos and won in this round.

(photo by Jordan Tybon)

I was kind of disappointed but still happy for the 4th place. I decided to practice a bit more on the 2” line and work on different styles of tricks and technique. I knew I did some cool moves but they still needed to be landed clean and nice.
The main battle of the contest in Munich was between Andy Lewis and Felix. In my opinion both of them are on the same level and just represent a bit different styles and attitude.

Backflip-360 (photo by Jordan Tybon)

(photo by Jordan Tybon)

It was great round to watch. Andy finished his go with double backflip attempt. Felix landed so many sick tricks and combos that I thought he would win. The verdict of the jury was Andy Lewis wins! It was great time and first big lesson for me.


1. Warm-up

2. Official Video

Results of the Gibbon World Cup in Munich:

(photo by Jordan Tybon)

1. Andy Lewis,
2. Felix Hachfeld,
3. Luis Meier & Bernd Hassmann

Gibbon World Cup – OutDoor

The second edition of the Gibbon World Cup took a place at OutDoor fair in Friedrichshafen. In a first round I won with super nice guy Nick ten Hoopen from Netherlands (he’s doing really special butt-bounce combos)!

Nick and I jumping (photo by Jordan Tybon)

In the second round I was competing against Andy Lewis. I knew there is no chance to win with this crazy monkey. We raged together and I think that it was a nice round to watch for the audience.

BIG atomic chest-bounce (photo by Jordan Tybon)

It was really nice to observe all the guys in the comp. Luis landed “Misty Flip” during the contest, Felix landed backflip-360 and a lot more.

(photo by Jordan Tybon)

(photo by Jordan Tybon)

Everyone really rocked. It would take too long to long to write what I enjoyed about each of you guys but it was pleasure to be there with them.

More power, DUDE! )photo by Jordan Tybon)

(photo by Jordan Tybon)

Faith, Jordan and I did a highline workshop too which was a big success.

(photo by Jordan Tybon)

We spent the rest of our time talking to the other companies at the fair. After the man contest we had girls competition. My love took a 3rd place – great job!!

(photo by Jordan Tybon)

(photo by Jordan Tybon)


The results of this edition were the same as in Munich:

(photo by Jordan Tybon)


1. Andy Lewis,
2. Felix Hachfeld,
3. Luis Meier & Bernd Hassmann


1. Hayley Ashburn
2. Steffi Seidel
3. Faith Dickey

Urban Highline Festival 2010

Photos and Project by VacasPurpuras

I didn’t plan to take a part in the trickline contest during this slackline festival. Besides Faith and Jordan I was main person responsible for organizing it. Faith decided for me and I HAD to start ;). This year I prepared new formula for a trickline contest. We had two people battles the same as in Gibbon contest. The only difference was that contestants could choose one of three lines in each round, and had to use each line at least once before the contest ended:

- Jibline tensioned with pulleys system (17m),
- 1” threaded tubular webbing (20m),
- 30cm wide Slackline-Tools webbing (10m)

We had a lot of people, different styles and a lot of fun! I think there was no stress. Lots of people which never took part in a trickline contest started that time. My favourite round was between Anatolij and Mich :D. Jakub “Kwjet” did some amazing tricks I never seen before (points for creativity for sure)!

I want to thank to the main sponsor of the comp: Gibbon Poland and two other companies which founded nice prizes for the contest: and Balance Community!



The results of the trickline comp:


1. Jan Gałek
2. Lukas Irmler
3. Jakub “Kwjet” Hanuš
4. Adam "Malaj" Patejuk


1. Faith Dickey
2. Magda Smorąg
3. Karolina Lis

A few days ago I went to Łódź in Poland to meet with slackline crew from this city. I had a lot of fun! Big thanks to all of you! These are some of the nicest people I have ever met. Props to Maciek “Bor” – it was great to trickline hard with this guy. We had two days of total craziness on the trickline. Both of us inspired each other and made a big progress. Maybe we’ll meet together in Krakow and do some “extras” for the new trickline movie in October.

So, what’s next?

On On 5th of November I will take part in the big final of the Gibbon World Cup during IMS in South Tyrol (Italy). . People which were in the finals in both eliminations contests (Munich and OutDoor) will fly to battle during this great meeting. During the last round there will be 8 people competing:

I had better train hard ;)!

New trickline movie

Together with my friend Wojtek Kozakiewicz (VacasPurpuras) and my girlfriend Faith Dickey we’re going to produce new trickline movie sometime in mid-October. Watch out for some new ideas and great footage! The movie will probably be shot in Krakow in the old building which is right now a club. Wojtek has a plan to start with this movie in one of the biggest climbing movies festival in Poland. We’ll see …

For more inspiration watch these three movie (definitely my favourite from this year):

1. Andy Lewis "Step IN":

2. BOR – September 2010

3. GIBBON Slackline Allstars Tour “City Slackers”

Peace & SlackOn!

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