Tuesday, May 25, 2010

"Active Jarocin" Festival

Festival Website
Contact number: (+48) 501 748 504
News on wspinanie.pl

"Active Jarocin" - first edition on 5th to 6th of June 2010. On this festival Faith Dickey, Jordan Tybon and myself will present our highline skills on the 20m long urban line. After the "highline demo" we'll play our slide show from "US Highline Trip". We also have 5 movies which will be played on the "4 Elements" movie festival. You can find the list below:

Wojtek Kozakiewicz (Vacaspurpuras):

1. "V"

2. "whiteNoise"

Damian Czermak:

1. "Stone Free" Highline

2. "Epic Trip Trailer 1"



Festival program:

5th of June:

- Highline Demo Presentation (maybe it'll be possible to try for the other slackliners),
- Live Music + DJ from Ictus Collective,
- Outdoor clothing fashion show,
- free consulation with sport fitness nutritionist and trainer,
- Noridic Walking,
- dancing shows,
- speed climbing and dyno contest

6th of June:
- second day of "4 Elements" movie festival and media presentations


  1. hi,
    i have a slackline blog too and added your blog to my "freinds list", could you do the same to me?

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