Thursday, April 23, 2009

Slacker's Life

I haven't been writing for a long time, and many things have happened. For a couple of days slackline completely dominated all my activity. I've put away climbing, especially indoor training. Nevertheless, after four days of slackline, longline, and two highlines I was completely tired. Not only I felt this way ;) Let's start right from the beginning:

Sunday (05.04.09)

"Night Urban Ninja" Highline [15m long, about 6m high] (50ft. long & 19ft. high) [OS, full-man]

It was a boring afternoon in my house, I was trying to think of some occupation. I remembered an idea of urban highline between "Tamka Bridge" and the riverside of Odra.

Localization of the "Night Urban Ninja" Highline

I came up with a plan, and packed indispensable stuff. I thought the most important thing is to rig fast and not stand out (a little bit unworkable nearby main street :P).

Minimum highline gear ...

I hoped that after dark in the city there shouldn't be so many onlookers. I've made an appointment with my friends and at 8.00 pm we started rigging. All in all there turned up a couple of people: Kajtek with his buddy (I don't remember his name), Kasia with Wojtek. Kamil "Wiewiór" and my girlfriend Karolina :) After half an hour of rigging highline was ready.

"Night Urban Ninja" Highline - READY TO ROCK!

I used one threaded SBI webbing clipped to oval line-lockers to improve strength of the highline, left tensioning system on the line (of course I tied a back-up, clipped the rope into Gri-Gri, and released the pulleys brake).

Rigging side

I didn't apply any back-up underneath the line duo to the small high and nearness of water ;) If webbing would brake, I'd fall into water anyway. I walked it both ways without falling many times that night. In the end I was walking in a swami-belt. It was nice to overcome again my fear of falling into it.

"Highline Ninjaaa!"

Kajtek was really close to send it all the way ...

Kajtek in action

Wojtek had some really good attempts too. All ended after a couple of really showy (but also painful) leashfalls - but for the air acrobatics definitely 10/10 points :D :P

Wojtek at the start :)

Fortunately nobody had any problems with our highline-action. We saw city police patrol once, but they didn't see us. After midnight cold and tiredness forced us to go home.

More photos

Monday (06.04.09)

Next day I spent with friends on a trickline and 50m (165ft.) longline in a park nearby Panorama Racławicka. Together with Damian and great pulleys system we tensioned our longline ;) We even didn't notice that the webbing is already stretched enough.

Our pulleys system


During the rest of the day we just chilled-out on the longline and had some jam-session on a tickline ;)

Tuesday (07.04.09)

Another proper day
began. A big crew slacklining together ...

Marcin "Dziober" on a 15m (50ft.)trickline


Tricks ...

Damian in his 'hot' snickers trying 540

After this slackline party we went to "Tamka Bridge" to repeat last highline and set up a new longer one. This time Damian also showed up. I was hoping that Krzysiek "Laarum", Damian and Kajtek would walk at least one of the highlines. We set up really fast "Night Urban Ninja" Highline. I walked once to check if everything was correct and the webbing is tight enough. Damian walked as a second person OS, full-man and in a swami! We agreed about highline difficulty - although small height, fast current underneath your feet makes you dizzy.

Damian, 2nd ascent, OS full-man

During rigging the second line City Police came. They asked us what we were doing there, what it was, who was in command? etc. e.g. In the end two of officers just went away. They even asked for a website address about slackline and were quite friendly. They told us about one more visit - this time - Police patrol ;)

"Red Light" Highline [25m (80ft.0 long, about 6m (19ft.) high] [2ng Go, Full-man]

We've tensioned webbing too much but there was no time to correct it. We had it in our minds that Police would be there soon. On the first try I fell down catching the webbing. On the 2nd go I made it all the way. Straight away I walked it second way. On my "way back" Police patrol arrived. They weren't as nice as City Police and forced us to take our lines down. Next to us there people who were behaving loudly. The policeman seemed not to notice that. Apparently we presented biggest public menace, right ;) ? Never mind, that's just the system. I remember - when Tomek "Soya" Ostrowski and I set up a slackline above Sprewa River in the centre of Berlin, police officers were just friendly waving us. It's a pity that Kajtek and Krzysiek didn't manage to have it a try. When we took it down we heard: "That's great you don't drink in public & take drugs, but you understand - you have to put it down". So what? We just went to drink some beer :P

About action in a polish newspaper

Wednesday (08.04.09)

The last slackline day close to Panorama Racławicka. Apart from a lot of friends showed up Freddy & his friends from France. General tiredness and sore in arms and legs muscles was "quite" noticeable ... Thanks to everyone who was there for a really good fun!!

Michał "Corny" taking his first steps on a slackline

Freddy from France on a trickline

Part of a Wrocław Crew :D ;)


More pictures

Peace & SlackOn!


  1. Great pictures, full of action, I love it.


  2. Hey Jan! I was talking about some picture missing now on your blog on facebook. The first ones. It might be the computer at work, I have'nt took a look with my computer back home. Anyway, I just let you know. Keep doing your good stuff!